My father and I created the first YARD BIRD over 25 years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky. He spent most of his career making things out of metal, including farm gates and large satellite dishes. We began talking about all the things you could make with scrap materials and, after experimenting with things around our own home, the first YARD BIRD was born. People instantly loved them as much as we did, so we began creating YARD BIRDS® full-time.

Now, YARD BIRDS® are made in Louisville, KY. We try to use overrun, discontinued, rejected, and scrap materials as much as possible. Some of the materials I use include garden tools, car parts, farm implements, bicycle parts, and mufflers. I think that YARD BIRDS® are a great way to contribute to the good of the environment. They save rejected metal parts from ending up in a landfill and they beautify homes and yards everywhere!

I am very proud to say that all YARD BIRDS® are proudly HANDCRAFTED in KENTUCKY! I am a juried member of Kentucky Crafted, C.R.A.F.T (Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow) and the American Craft Council. Every six months, numerous new designs are added to the YARD BIRDS® collection of sculptures, wine caddies, flowerpot holders, and dog and cat feeders.

For me, creating YARD BIRDS® turns work into fun! Each YARD BIRD is unique, whimsical, and guaranteed to bring pleasure to its owner. A YARD BIRD is a great conversation piece. Many people have fun identifying the parts I cleverly use to make them and they marvel at the way a simple tilt of a head can give a sculpture so much personality. Many YARD BIRDS® are even claimed as part of the family. Visit the News for a few pictures and stories that have been sent to us from collectors who have done just that.

Important Information:
These Kentucky-made metal junkyard dogs and cats naturally rust with age. If kept indoors, treat them with a clear acrylic enamel spray, like Krylon® or Rustoleum®. We sell bowls for feeders, but wine bottles and standard-size pots may be purchased at retailers.

Dimensions listed with each critter are approximate.

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